Do your eyes make you look tired, worried, or sad? Your upper eyelids may be to blame.

As we age, our upper eyelids can get droopy or puffy. Both men and women often notice that their eyes look smaller, or their eyes make them look older or more tired than they feel. Women often find that it gets more difficult to put on makeup and when they do, their makeup may not show off their eyes the way it used to.

Upper eyelid treatment (also known as upper blepharoplasty or Double eyelid treatment) can correct these problems and restore the beautiful contours you had when you were younger, contributing to an all-around refreshed look for your entire face.

Kinly Eyebeauty is oculoplastic surgeons- board-certified ophthalmologists, or eye doctors, who have done additional training in plastic surgery relating to the eyes and face. They teach their cosmetic surgery techniques to doctors around the world, and they have helped thousands of patients rejuvenate their appearance with upper eyelid surgery in Sydney, Australia and overseas.




So you’ve made the decision to have cosmetic eyelid surgery. It’s exciting to think about your eyes looking refreshed again. Kinly Clinic will guide you through this entire experience. During your initial consultation, your doctor will spend time with you to listen to your concerns about your eyes. They will examine your eyes and work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized just for you. They know that you want to look natural, like yourself, and with their experience and artistry, they will make sure that you get the best results.

Your treatment will take place at an accredited surgical center in Sydney CBD. Kinly Clinic doctor and assistance are a team, and they work together on every procedures. Because of this you will have two person at your surgery; the doctor you choose will be your surgeon, and the other one will assist. This unique team approach is something very special in our practice, and we feel it assures the best results.

Most people resume normal activities one week after upper eyelid surgery. Full recovery usually takes four to six weeks and varies from person to person. Carefully following your doctor’s instructions will help you heal more quickly. The doctors and their staff work with you throughout the course of your recovery to ensure that you progress as planned.


 Double eyelid treatment before and after

Which method is best suited for me?

It depends on many different factors – age, amount of excess skin and fat, etc.You can drop us a line today or call us for your FREE consultation. You can only achieve quality results when you make the effort to ensure that you only get the best treatment available for you. Treatment that Kinly eyebeauty can provide.

 Double eyelid treatment before and after

What are the other eye surgeries?

Eye lengthening surgery, also called as Lateral Canthoplasty, can be done for those who have short eye length.

Mongolian Folds Correction, also called as Epicanthoplasty, is a surgery to remove epicanthal folds. It gives natural enhancement of the eyes by removing excess skin on inner corners of the eyes.

Lower eyelid surgery, also called as Lower blepharoplasty, is done in order to remove eye bags, excess skin or fat.